Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dunno what's wrong with me. My bug hasn't left me yet though it's been about 3 weeks already. Today I was just feeling feverish with a throbbing headache, though for a short time, having lunch with Amy and HP helped me forget the pain. I feel a bit better now, after taking 2 cold-relief tablets. The headache's gone, though I suspect the beef I had at lunch is causing me some indigestion. Great. I've become quite the hypochondriac.

Still, I'm quite pleased that the chatbox in NYconneXions has been buzzing with activity lately. It's inevitable that people are going to put some nasty comments about our articles, but it's heartening that some of our readers are commenting back in support of our reporters. If only the debate was more constructive, though. Chatboxes don't provide enough space for well-developed arguments. Hope our readers will start using our "comment" function soon, or better yet, email us. But at least, people are starting to care.

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