Monday, May 28, 2007

The interior of Dragonfly, St James' Power Station. The college organized a tea party for the various CCAs that brought us honours in sports and cultural events this year, so we're all here enjoying an alcohol-free, smoke-free, dance-your-brains-out afternoon.

Well, for about half the time we were there, anyway. Apparently, the hosts of this shindig was a grassroots-type organization, so for the first hour we had something of a less-than-stimulating chat session over whatever socio-political issues the kids sort of made up on the spot. Perhaps we should have emphasized the sagely advice session a little more earlier, rather than bill the whole thing as a Party, then perhaps the kids might have been a bit more prepared for it.

Beyond the rather uncomfortable dialogue, we also had to endure about 45 minutes of MC time during which the MC attempted to liven up the proceedings by getting the kids to "sabo" each other and their tutors, pulling them up onto the stage to make them sing or dance or otherwise embarrass themselves. It was painful to sit through 'cos the sabo'ed were neither cooperative nor entertaining, and kept refusing all offers. A good MC needs to know when to quit and just get the music started. Honestly, we know how to entertain ourselves.

When they finally put the music on, most of the staff felt they had had enough. So a bunch of us took off for some proper tea at Vivo. We found the White Dog Cafe which has a decent set tea: choice of cake slice with tea or coffee at $6.

June joined us later for dinner, as did a delegation of other staff led by JY. White Dog does an ok prawn aglo olio and thin-crust pizza. A bit small, the portions, though satisfying enough without feeling bloaty.

And, inevitably, shopping to follow...

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