Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just as well no one picked up on my invite to go car rallying today. I was supposed to go in Jen's car, but I'm still feeling too much under the weather to go traipsing around the island solving puzzles and getting all physical at this or that checkpoint of national and/or historical significance.

No problem for Jen, who got her cousin to replace me. I stayed home doing their research on the 'net in case they needed to find some obscure location or retrieve some esoteric information or whatever.

Turned out most of the checkpoints were in places I already knew of even without a Yahoo! search. Ann Siang Hill (which gave me the most trouble 'cos Adrian didn't spell the clue right for me), Kranji War Memorial, the Jap War Cemetery Garden, Beaulieu House.

Unfortunately, though Jen's car arrived 3rd at the last checkpoint, our team got pipped by the 4th car who scored a bonus point off a side-quest. So close to sharing the 3rd prize of $100 cash among the 5 of us. Oh well.

BTW, Ben's blog entry about our flawed political system got picked up and published in littlespeck. Look under the heading of "Leadership". The NST reporter who lives in Gardens sure loves all this subversive stuff! Link's in my sidebar.

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