Thursday, June 07, 2007

The last couple of days have been seriously unproductive, yet costly. Been spending most of the time at home waiting for various tradesmen to service my poor flat that's falling apart at the seams. After 7 years of hard living, the wear and tear really shows.

We've got leaks in our plumbing, our bed is loosening at the joints -- I'm nervous about sleeping in it in case it collapses under my weight -- and our air-conditioning got flushed out with a chemical wash and had a part or 2 replaced.

Meantime, Q-tip was looking scruffy again. Pix on the right is the 'after' shot from her haircut by Dom.

At left is a test shot using my just-delivered Samsung Ultra Series 13.8 in camera mode. In fact, both shots were test shots. Need more practice and a steadier hand -- these pix still show some motion blur.

I finally took advantage of my handset upgrade offer and got this model for (relatively) cheap. This one came with an additional 512Mb micro-SD card for free, so there's lots of room for all kinds of multimedia junk if I ever wanted it. Yay!

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