Friday, June 01, 2007

On Aggie's recommendation, I went to try Sticky Rice in Gardens along with Amy, HP and Wayne. Ordered the green curry set that came in a pretty generous serving of rice and chicken green curry, a mango salad and Thai fish cake with a hot dipping sauce. For $10.50+++ the set was quite substantial. And tasty... well, I haven't actually met a green curry I didn't like yet. I'm not so much into Thai food, but green curry's one of their better creations. Yes.

In fact, Aggie's recommendation was so strong that I completely forgot that today was Friday, and though we could afford a little longer lunch, the opportunity to get a cheap salmon sashimi set on Friday special at Tomoko completely slipped my mind. So I made up for that little oversight by taking June and my folks there for dinner.

What? Apart from today's KI mock exam (we promised to mock everybody's answers thoroughly), I can't think of any other highlights of my day.

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