Sunday, June 03, 2007

Still having respiratory trouble. Friday night was the worst yet. Had to sit up to make the breathing easier, and sleep was almost impossible. Reading about that 20-year-old kid who died after a bout of breathlessness in Friday's ST didn't help much. Still, I did make it through the night and the symptoms mostly go away in the morning.

Went shopping yesterday with June. She used her remaining $50 Taka voucher to pay for a bottle of frankincense essential oil and a box of organic tea candles for me. Frankincense apparently helps ease breathing difficulties, and it certainly did make for an easier night last night. Also took no chances and rubbed myself down with Vicks before sleeping. So either one or the other, or the combination of both worked just fine.

Went back to the clinic this morning anyway. Doc Doreen heard me wheezing away and prescribed a turn on the nebulizer. Also prescribed asthma medication, though she said I wasn't so far gone yet that I needed an inhaler. She's still holding out that I'm only going through a passing phase. I hope so too.

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