Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I've never seen so many piles of homework hit me like this before. I have assignments, tests, assessments, timed exercises, all pounding down around me like the prelude to a world-ending asteroid strike.

Then there are still a number of other little deadlines to tag (including tomorrow's Career Chat I'll be sharing with Amy at which all the sordid details of my time-obscured mime career will be put to public scrutiny, as will Amy's daily grind of ambulance-chasing as a tabloid journo).

There's also a little matter of a National Day item to rehearse for -- it goes public next week and our crew have no idea what we're doing yet!!! *hyperventilates into a brown paper bag that smells faintly of yesterday's ham sandwich

Oh, and the last 2 nights expending muscle and gasoline power helping the in-laws move into their new place add another layer of fatigue to this week's schedule. And as far as I can tell, the end is not yet in sight...

No peace for the wicked (Is 57:21).

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