Saturday, August 04, 2007

An unusually harrowing week ends on a pretty decent note. I've got a crew of sporting, slightly mad staff eager to make a spectacle of ourselves on stage at our nat day concert next week. For once, I have to yell at people and tell them to "Stoppit! No! Behave!" So much better to work with these guys who are willing to go over the top right from the beginning, than a bunch of drooling mouth-breathers who just wait around until someone tells them what to do. In any case, from zero idea, we've worked out a basic story-line, eschewing lyrical dance (which was Loke's original idea) for simple mime movement instead. We have yet to set it to music, but I think we've made impressive progress as of today.

And since it's Sha's birthday this weekend, we had dinner with her at Ichiban Boshi, AMK Hub. But because we were busy with different things at different times, different shifts of friends ate with her. It was an odd combination that I came with -- Mel, Wayne and Paul -- and we joined Sha so late she was about to have dessert while we were still looking at our menus. Conversation was loud and hilarious, innuendo flung around the table with wild abandon. Yeah, TGIF!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I've never seen so many piles of homework hit me like this before. I have assignments, tests, assessments, timed exercises, all pounding down around me like the prelude to a world-ending asteroid strike.

Then there are still a number of other little deadlines to tag (including tomorrow's Career Chat I'll be sharing with Amy at which all the sordid details of my time-obscured mime career will be put to public scrutiny, as will Amy's daily grind of ambulance-chasing as a tabloid journo).

There's also a little matter of a National Day item to rehearse for -- it goes public next week and our crew have no idea what we're doing yet!!! *hyperventilates into a brown paper bag that smells faintly of yesterday's ham sandwich

Oh, and the last 2 nights expending muscle and gasoline power helping the in-laws move into their new place add another layer of fatigue to this week's schedule. And as far as I can tell, the end is not yet in sight...

No peace for the wicked (Is 57:21).

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another week of deadlines to meet on top of everything else. We're like hamsters in a fish tank paddling like mad to keep our heads above water. Who asked us to be greedy for fish?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Got a fresh pile of essays to mark, and expecting another set in the coming week. Too busy and tired to make a proper entry tonight. NYconneXions has been updated, though, if you want something to read... zzz.