Friday, August 15, 2008

"The Littlest Hobo" leaves town

And just like that, HP's gone. Was so busy, I didn't even get to say 'goodbye' on her last day. Yes, her official farewell dinner is still to come, but there's a Space in her cubicle now where there once was a friend.

We'll miss HP a lot. She may have appeared understated, but she kept things sane within the general chaos of dNYel. She was a deep, calm reservoir of hidden strength and yet, suddenly revealing an adventurous spirit that we could not tie down. Next stop: TO, a dear, familiar city full of treasured memories I myself would love to revisit one day.

Bon Voyage, HP! We'll keep in touch via FB.

Post scriptum:
Ok, I'm sorry. After two weeks of being infected with a cyber-virus caught from the iCTLT and spouting nonsense like a blithering idiot (B-lo's new vocab of the day), I believe the embarassing madness has run it's course and I've finally returned properly to Earth.

I promise no more mindless rantings reminiscent of a novice with his first commission, all starry-eyed and empty-headed. No more talk of "change this" or "change that". I'm realistic enough to know that the more talk, the less change. So I'll stop pretending I'm working 24/7 for the good of "my kids". I'm Off-Duty, remember?

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