Thursday, August 28, 2008

Table behind the pillar

We're having our annual combined dinner with our feeder schools. It's an opportunity let our hair down a bit and generally behave in ways we don't often show our kids. Must set good example, you know?

Anyway, this year's theme is "Retro-F1", so of course Sha dressed for the occasion in this stunning gold jumpsuit. Won't she be the cause of several nosebleeds on the grid?

Sha's outfit would probably take the award for being most relevant to the theme, but Wayne's should take the award for being most last-minute creative. He wore a red polo to which he adhered the labels of well-known F1 sponsors, making him look like, I dunno, pit crew or something.

Yay! The most happenin' table in the entire ballroom. With Mel, our resident lounge singer and Wayne, the purveyor of contraband liquid refreshment which he kept hidden under the drapery, our table was noisy and ridiculous.

That we were positioned behind a large pillar that completely obscured us from the stage and the VIPs added to the merriment. And there was much to make merry about. The MC, for one, did not connect with us well. He used the wrong language for the occasion, and the entertainment he brought with him put Amy's eyeballs in danger of rolling out of her head. The little getai girl singer with the bare midriff and butterfly tattoo on her waist was more uh, eye popping, though. She could sing, too.

And speaking of singing, Mel and Bernard had a whale of a time, belting out two numbers as the College's contribution to the evening's entertainment. Singing along to Mel's unplugged rendition of "Rainbow Connection" and "What's Up" and being her raucous, adoring groupies confirmed that hiding us behind that huge pillar for most of the night was probably the right thing to do.

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