Saturday, August 30, 2008

Teachers' Day 08

Edit 01:
The gift left in my pigeonhole was from NYeDC. I missed seeing them too. Thanks actors and crew!
Teachers' Day is an opportunity for staff to receive some affirmation for what we've been doing with our kids through the year. I'm especially appreciative of the short notes, like from YY, and even the offline Twitters collated into greeting card form that may or may not come with attached knicknacks or snacks. Which is why I may have committed a little social faux pas by not being personally available to receive x23's pretty hand-made card and gift that I discovered in my pigeonhole later.

So where was I? Thinking the festivities on campus were over, I headed off home to rest for a couple of reasons. I was tired out after the week's exertions and the dinner the night before. I had to gather my wits so that I could return to campus that afternoon and have a difficult consultation session regarding an essay topic I had very little knowledge about.

And, I had to stock up as much sleep as possible because at 0400, I and June were at the airport with Amy, B-lo, Mel, and Sha: HP's immediate posse which attempted to give her surprise #2 by seeing her off at her point of embarkation. Turned out we were surprised that she was ready for us with her own hand-written notes of affirmation to us when we arrived. Seems she was tipped off by Jxxh's slip of tongue at some point.

So anyway, my thanks to everyone for their words, thoughts and well-wishes this Teachers' Day. :)

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