Friday, September 26, 2008

Mel leaves Ma for MA

So here we are at the airport again, this time to see off Mel. Us and a small horde of people, family, friends, students, all gathering for a brief hug and group photos; something to remember her by until she returns next year. That's Mel, drama till the end.

Guess she heard about the industry's move to take in only graduate teaching staff and wanted to get an early leg up.

Of course, our Boss mentioned other things apart from our qualifications. He's also talking about what and how we should be teaching our kids in his latest big speech: something about our curriculum shifting more towards skills and values in addition to knowledge.

I'm a little puzzled 'cos we've had a curriculum like that all along, in a little known, obscure compulsory subject we offer at JC level called... the "General Paper".

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