Friday, October 03, 2008

Movers and shakers

I wonder if I'm crazy. With financial storms whipping around overhead as the shock waves from the financial meltdown in the US chase each other across the world, I'm converting every last cent I own into consumer goods.

Yes, we've sunk a huge proportion of our liquid resources on HDB real estate, but the renovations, and home furnishings? That'll wipe out our last-straw safety net, at least until we can slowly build it all back, as long as we can stay employed. Doubt either of us will be retiring any time soon, we have a lot to pay back after this move. Doubt we'll be able to afford to make another move, so I guess all this expense is supposed to create the most comfortable nest that we will never want to even think of moving house ever again.

While I'm busy rationalizing here, we still haven't finished shopping for our furnishings yet. Today we engaged 138 Professional Movers (the name of the company, not the number of professional movers) to help us "have a stress-free" move.

A survey of all that we possess was professionally estimated to fit a single truck load, costing a grand total of 300 simoleons nett. That price includes a fully refundable 100 for the return of 50 packing crates they supplied for us to compress our lives into, at least those bits we want to bring along with us on our Exodus. 138 even promised to deliver our clothes clean and wrinkle-free so that we can have a decent wardrobe of working togs for wearing the next day. 138 came highly recommended by June's colleague, so we're counting on their "stress-free" service to see us through a long and difficult day.

Going shopping for lighting tomorrow...

Btw, I'm keeping an almost daily photo-essay of the renovation process on a thread in the RenoTalk Forum. Feel free to drop in and get the inside story!

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