Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's drivin' my fantasies

It was unreal, the realization that I have been for the last couple of years actually living out an almost 20-year-old fantasy, and I've been simply taking it for granted.

As I was driving with M2 this morning, I noticed how bright blue the sky was; and how the sun was high, lighting every visible thing up with a brilliance that made every edge, every outline stand out as sharp and clear as full 1080HD. The radio was thumping with music from my 'pod, accompanying the total and complete sense of freedom that can only come from driving down the highway in a sporty red convertible on a balmy Canadian summer's day.

'k, I'm still working on the red convertible feature, but I'm not particular about make and model. Just driving makes me happy.

That's in the morning, though. Pretty and glam though the F1 made night driving out to be, driving in the dark guided mostly by interpreting the navigation lights of other vehicles freaks me out just a tiny bit.

Then of course, there're... incidents that don't help. Like this evening, this dumb taxi made a 3-lane U-turn, suddenly cutting across my path and making me e-brake, big truck lumbering behind me threatening to smoosh me into ham 'n strawberry jam in a sandwich upon impact. Fortunately, reflexes and good brakes saved my bacon and I live to drive another day. Stupid taxis.

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