Saturday, September 27, 2008

Renovation works in progress (I)

The new place is now a mess of wires, and everything that could be dismantled or unbolted off the walls and floor has been carted off by the gremlins.

The major noisy work will begin Monday, but in the meantime the house has been quietly gutted in preparation.

Today was also our first appointment as sellers of our current place to meet our buyers at HDB. Necessary approvals and permits acquired, we are now committed to the sale. Our buyers intend to move in without renovations, but that will have to wait until we finish ours first.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mel leaves Ma for MA

So here we are at the airport again, this time to see off Mel. Us and a small horde of people, family, friends, students, all gathering for a brief hug and group photos; something to remember her by until she returns next year. That's Mel, drama till the end.

Guess she heard about the industry's move to take in only graduate teaching staff and wanted to get an early leg up.

Of course, our Boss mentioned other things apart from our qualifications. He's also talking about what and how we should be teaching our kids in his latest big speech: something about our curriculum shifting more towards skills and values in addition to knowledge.

I'm a little puzzled 'cos we've had a curriculum like that all along, in a little known, obscure compulsory subject we offer at JC level called... the "General Paper".

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Once in a while, especially when I'm drowning in essay marking, I need to remind myself why.

Hi society, hi stakes

Wah! Even "social escorts" in S'pore need a uni degree to qualify. Everybody else how? No business awreddy! Li'ddat how to compete?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is this already in our market?

I wonder if anyone's thought of bringing in the FitFlop to our market yet? Apparently they've been selling like mad in the US for about a year or so, and there's every reason to believe they will do just as well here.

Here's the concept: it's a trendy flipflop (a.k.a. rubber slipper) that looks sporty, feels comfortable to wear, and promises to provide an additional workout as the wearer walks by adding some resistance to each stride. So, toned calves, thighs and glutes while you walk to the wet market, anyone?

As far as the workout goes, 20/20 trashed that idea with its own independent study, but people still love them for their comfort and design. The only drawback I can see is the exorbitant pricetag of about US$50 a pair. But consider how those awful Crocs have invaded our fashion scene: when they first arrived they were also selling high, and whoever brought them in first would have got the biggest share of the pie.

The FitFlop should be a hot seller since we seem to wear flipflops all year round. If anyone's looking around for a new business opportunity, this one might just be a winner!

Edit 01:
Arrgh! Should have researched a bit more. They're already here!

Another applicaton of CERN's atom smasher

CERN scientists must be happy 'cos they have a new pickup line: "Wanna check out my Large Hard-on Collider? It'll give you a Big Bang like you've never had before!"

I tried to work in something about a "black hole" somewhere, but it just sounded rude.

Feel free to add on if you want.