Friday, April 10, 2009

Have a good Friday

The Wongs are off on their annual vacation, and I am living like a bachelor again. The natural state of things is that any horizontal surface is appropriate to place stuff on and that any protrusion is appropriate to hang stuff on, and so "nature boy" is reasserting himself, at least for the weekend. After all, who are we to keep fighting entropy?

Seriously lacking sleep, though. With the Wongs gone, Mimi's staying at my place so I can keep an eye on her, feed her and take her for walkies. But one thing she will not do is sleep alone at night. Since my bedroom is the one sacred animal-free zone in my house, I had to sleep in the living-room to keep her company. Otherwise she will bark continuously with no consideration for the neighbours whatsoever. But who can really sleep in the living-room? No fan, no air-conditioning and with the windows closed (open windows give the cats ideas) I tried to catch as many winks as I could. Pretty sure I'm way short of the recommended forty.

Still managed to catch brekkie with Jojo and Derek at the Beach Hut (behind McD's, ECP). They serve a breakfast buffet for about $11 nett on Sundays and public hols. Another good option if we're considering dog-friendly locations.

Haven't 'bladed for a long time, so I took the opportunity to have a rollin' cardio workout while J&D hung out on the beach to photosynthesize. And now "nature boy" is considering his options for spending the rest of the afternoon on this nice public hol Friday.

Yes, Kev, I'm procrastinating again...

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Captain Heroic

A hastily crafted news headline reads, "Navy warship arrives where captain held off Somalia". Goodness, since the captain was already doing so well holding off a whole African nation by himself, the Navy warship would only be cramping his style.

Click here.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Effective communication

Spent most of the day catching up with my overflowing email inbox and shooting off more replies than I remember ever having done in a single day before. Some of these correspondence were quite crucial, so I'm very gratified that the results have been quite rewarding.

The two playwrights whose scripts we wish to use for Drama Night have given us their royalty-free blessings, as long as we keep the integrity of their opuses (at least in spirit) and they wouldn't mind a video recording of the performance, if we would be so kind. Hmm... now where can we find a competent and reliable camera crew to help us out here?

Also, quite unexpectedly, a guest speaker materialized to help out with a presentation I've been tasked to organize for the whole JC1 cohort. Here I was mentally girding myself up to take on the flak all by myself, and suddenly an expert arrives to lend a much needed hand. Yay!

I'm slowly being convinced that people are indeed willing to come forward and contribute to the education of our young. They need a very clear statement of objectives within a well-crafted, succinct missive, but once they know that they are needed and what they are needed for, they'll do it for the sake of Education.