Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grand Dame

The end came for Auntie Sook fairly quickly and unexpectedly, but she made her peace with the world and left well.

In fact, the whole world came to the Garden of Rememberance tonight to send her off. The word that kept being repeated when people talked about her was "impact". Whether knowing her as a teacher or as choir mistress, they remembered her for the difference she made in their lives.

I never knew her personally, though. She was always my sister's M-i-L and a friend of my parents. Nevertheless, what I do know of her is that she was a formidable grand dame with lots of energy and a great love for her family.

Tonight's service for her was quite a tribute from both the family she loved and the choir which she had worked so hard to build up and nurture. Auntie Sook was one amazing woman.

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