Sunday, January 10, 2010

Process of elimination

Since my last complaint to Starhub over my intermittent connection to the Internet at home, it seemed like they'd fixed the problem by the time I returned from BKK. But beginning this week the problem has resurfaced. Despite my terminals' insistence of my wireless 'net uplink, browsing proved impossible as regardless of which web page I wanted to access, I kept getting time-out messages and a perpetual blank browser. And this time these white-out periods were becoming longer and occurring more frequently throughout the day.

Frustrated, I disengaged from the wireless and plugged Mr L33t directly into the modem. Behold -- I'm back up to speed again! Clearly something wrong with the router, then. Half-an-hour later, I've hooked up a new Linksys router and... surf's up dudes!

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