Thursday, January 28, 2010

TGI so not Friday

What is it about today? It's a Thursday, but it feels so like Friday; which shouldn't be unusual because for someone with my sense of time, messing up my days of the week is par for the course.

What's strange is that I am not alone in this mistaken sensation. Independently, different people have casually mentioned to me how today feels like Friday and they're a little worried that they might not show up for work tomorrow thinking that's it's Saturday instead of Friday like it should be.

And even more oddly enough, there are yet another few people on FB who have independently updated their status claiming something similar.

Coincidence? Could we be all so heavily worked this week that we can't wait for the weekend? Or have we so little work that it already feels like we're winding down for the weekend? Am I even asking the right questions?

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