Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Too chicken to traverse

It's college Open House day! We seem to have generated quite a lot of interest, judging by the number of kids and parents wandering around our halls and jamming the "Subject Combination Chat Session" tables. Odd that among the other activities promising more fun -- like the mini-tournaments and "one-minute challenges" organized by our various co-curricula groups, the chat tables (which we thought would be the most boring section of the Open House) would turn out to be by far the best patronized. Welcome to S'pore!

Truth be told, I really wanted to experience the Tyrolean Traverse that had been set up on the fifth floor spanning the diameter of the Drum atrium. That would have been the highlight of my day, had I actually gone on it. Procrastinated too long and eventually lost the opportunity when the call for "dinner!" finally ended a rather long day.

There was a [belated] birthday to be celebrated with the promise of BBQ'd chix wings and other street food to be had at Chomps. We also got a couple of surprise dinner guests, NBS and Vince, who dropped off their invites at the table. It's about time, you two!

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