Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One lungful of air

Sometimes, you can be grateful for just one lungful of air. My mysterious ailment is upon me again, though never as seriously as it struck during the last couple of nights. The tightness of chest and the wheezing kept me up practically all night. In the last 48 hours, I barely managed maybe 4 hours of sleep.

Moved treatment up a notch from the usual GP consult. Went to see Jojo's specialist today at MtE. A session with his nebulizer did wonders for me, but over the next two weeks I'll be taking steroids to increase air-flow through the tubes, decongestants and a thrice-daily inhalant.

Causes? He went through a checklist of possibles, but nothing rang a bell except family history which could fit at a stretch, I suppose.

So apart from medicating myself silly I'll be watching my diet -- there's a list of all the good stuff I should be avoiding -- and no physical exercise for the time being.

As always, it's a bad time to be on medical leave.

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