Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting real with fitness

Sneaking off to the fitness club with Jojo wasn't such a big secret rendezvous thing after all. Kids caught us at the parking lot so our exit from campus wasn't as discreet as it could have been. Didn't want to spend the time explaining that we were trying to do something to rectify the state of our deteriorating health. Told them we were 'busy'. Let them start rumours if they want.

Didn't have as much trouble with our low-impact stretch-and-tone class after all. Working out on the Wii already taught me the basic movements and gave me enough flexibility and balance to keep up. But the class provided a social environment in which you can't be lazy and cut corners on movements, and a responsive instructor to make minor adjustments on form which the Wii is still technologically incapable of as yet.

June wants me to help her with what I've learned so far, but in the comfort of our own living room. Time to dust off the Wii and see if that helps her get started. I'll provide the social environment and let the virtual instructor conduct the workout.


amy said...

what's so secretive about this? and why did you even have to tell the kids that you two were busy? what kids were these anyway?

Xmac said...

Ha ha. You had to be there! We both knew one of the kids: the type who will add one and one to get three. We really didn't have time (or the patience) to explain everything, so there are going to be gaps in information their imaginations will find creative ways to fill in. And they can be quite creative.

amy said...

hmm, explain? stillon't see the need to explain to kids, especially. just a 'bye!' will suffice for them.