Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The places you'll go in a Polo

Rode Amy's new Polo to the PUS where we heard the PM speak in his usual measured, careful, practical, matter-of-fact manner. His basic message was, as always, there will be storms ahead but we'll weather them as long as we work together regardless of who we are or where we hail from. It's kinda' sad he has to keep harping on this theme because it shows we, as a people, are still not quite there yet.

You can tell from the myriad questions he fielded that people were still drawing lines of division rather than envisioning synergies between us. Our young people are more interested in asking their questions (sometimes I'm not even sure they're their questions) and going back to their seats than listening to the responses for an opportunity to dialogue.

But we were hungry and couldn't engage in dialogue anyway. There was a great lunch deal at Grill-out, Sunset Way. 2 set lunches for the price of $23. There were five of us, Amy, B-lo, HP, Josh and me, an odd number, but they gave us all the special price anyway. I was very happy with my beef short ribs. Not overcooked, very juicy with the meat cleaving neatly off the bone. I especially enjoyed the slightly chewy texture with the pleasant beefy flavour going around my mouth. Some days, I am a total carnivore.

Dessert at The Daily Scoop. My fave flavour combo: Simply Chocolate and Honey Vanilla. How conventional. But the more exotic flavours have the consistency of sorbet. Hmph. I like my ice-cream the traditional way.

Was looking forward to riding the new Polo. My first impressions are that it is a safe, reliable vehicle. Its 1.4l engine makes it economical to run, and it has the VW quality stamped firmly on it. The chrome trim on the dashboard panels give it a slightly retro appearance. I love the display panel with its combination analog speedometer and RPM meter and digital time/temperature/fuel readouts in large fonts -- lots of useful info at a glance. Looks like a fun car to drive, but in terms of its personality, I have yet to identify it as an Amy car. Think they'll need time to grow into each other.


amy said...

yes, large fonts are essential for 'blind' pple like us! now, what would an 'Amy car' be like? I don't even think I have that answer to that question! Maybe once my dad allows me to put back the toys, it'll look like an Amy car again?! you can drive it to lunch when sch re-opens if you want. I would have figured out the car by then!

Xmac said...

Hmm... I don't have a definition for an Amy car either. The toys would be a start, I guess. I noticed you were extra careful driving 'cos it's so new. When you get used to each other, that'll be the next step.

Cool! I get to drive a Polo! Thank you!!! :D

amy said...

actually was careful not just cos it's a new car. it's driving a full load of people in the new car that made me even more careful. i'm not so careful when i'm driving the polo alone. haha

Xmac said...

Excellent to know we're in safe hands!