Friday, July 02, 2010

Systems overhaul

As my trainer, John was consistent and predictable. His method was to get me used to a routine and slowly, gradually increase the load. He'd challenge me to lift a little more from the previous session, and depending on my caprice, I'd either humour him or politely decline.

But John's gone home to his FT country and now I'm in the hands of Sully. Sully's approach is a lot more varied. My repertoire now includes balance training on bouncy pilates balls; flexibility training through manipulating medicine balls and free weights (no, not at the same time -- not yet, anyway); and stamina building on some of the other hamster-wheel type cardio devices which I've been previously avoiding 'cos they look either boring or dangerous.

Sully also watches my form carefully, making corrections and adjustments to stance, to grip, so that I feel the burn at the right places. Lower weight resistance, but more reps. I think he knows it isn't muscle strength I want, it's better functioning heart and lungs that I need.

Every session is a pain to go through, but this old, broken down bod seriously needs an overhaul. I must see this programme through!


wxin said...

i forgot...why did you start with a trainer? any difference from going to the gym on your own?

Xmac said...

I needed a trainer as an objective assessor of my training needs. Also someone who can design a training repertoire that will help me achieve my long-term goals. And keep an eye on my technique 'cos I tend to do things wrong, getting tired for little benefit. Trainer's only temporary, though. Once I've got the routines figured out, then I can work on my own.