Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A cat may open a door

Achieving a new milestone for feline intelligence, Maui has learnt to open the bathroom bi-fold door from the inside! The bi-fold door is designed to be opened by human hands only. It requires fingers to grip the embedded handhold in order to pull the door open. The handhold is too high for Maui to reach and even if he could touch it, he doesn't have any fingers to grip it anyway. And pulling a door open is quite an alien concept to a cat used to applying his body weight to push doors open instead. See for yourself in the vid below:

Oh, a note about the accompanying music: YouTube makes it difficult for us to distribute material containing copyrighted music. With apologies to KMJ, I used her one of her original compositions for a Drama Night of years long past. It was the only piece of non-copyrighted music I had.


masterofboots said...

this is really clever! He's all grown up now, Maui

elim said...

Wow and here I am complaining about Max's opening of dustbins and sliding doors! Maui's a genius !

Xmac said...

He does seem smarter than the average feline, anyway. Maybe it's due to the infant formula we fed him with when he was little?