Saturday, October 02, 2010

Book run gone west

Funny how the library keeps sending us to Jurong on our book delivery runs. We still can't get around without the help of our trusty street directory, but this time we didn't get lost.

First recipient refused delivery but instead suspended further deliveries because she had to study for her year-end exams. She might have called the library earlier, but we suspect it was her mom who made that decision for her. Anyway, we collected the books she was returning from the previous run so it wasn't an entirely wasted trip.

June went alone to meet the second recipient. I had to stay in the car because the parking lot was full. Never did get a lot. June found me where she'd left me. No other problems.

Two drops, run done!


masterofboots said...

i don't get it. why are you delivering books when they are already getting it free?

Xmac said...

Oh, did I mention the deliveries are to disabled people? It's difficult for them to go visit the library personally so we bring books to them.