Thursday, November 25, 2010

As she wheeled her wheelbarrow

We said farewell to Mel. Again. For good this time. Booked a table at Molly Malone's at which we shared one last carnivorous meal as colleagues.

It was our regular, noisy table company, but somehow I couldn't get into the swing of the multiple conversations raging around me. One possibility is that I've been dissociated from everyone for so long, my social engine was taking longer than usual to warm up.

Another is that maybe I'm not taking Mel's departure as well as I thought.

So many friends have moved on already. Every time someone leaves, there's a whole new upheaval in the social dynamic.

Change is nothing new. Technological change I take to like a duck to water. Changes in my social circle, however, are a little harder to adapt to. But then, that's nothing new to me either.

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