Sunday, November 28, 2010

Breakfast with Q-tip

We promised Q-tip an outing, so here we are at Casa Verde (formerly known as Cafe Les Amis) at the Botanic Gardens. The name change is commensurate with the new focus on Italian cuisine, but I'm happy to report that the standard Western Set breakfast is still the way we remember. So hard to find real bacon these days, but this is one place that still serves it up in its delicious non-kosher, vegan-unfriendly, health-devastating glory.

Notice how the two rashers of bacon have surreptitiously migrated over to my plate? I admit, I'm the unabashed baconaholic of the family. Apart from my illicit gains, this dish is an Italian breakfast called Calzione del Mamma. Underneath all the green stuff is a thick omelette studded with bits of Italian sausage. No wonder Itie boys so love to live with their mothers. 

Spoke too soon. Meet the other baconaholic, sausageoholic and random-table-scraps-aholic of the family. Wonder if the fitness centre has a pet weight-loss programme we can sign her up for?


masterofboots said...

hey i thought dogs can't eat human food? too much salt

Elim said...

Curious...did you cause the bacon migration or did they voluntarily migrate to your plate?? hmmm...push and pull factors. haha!

Xmac said...

NBS: relax, we don't indulge her. Well, not much, anyway.

Elim: Bacon goes where it is most wanted. No one can stop bacon as it roams the world looking to be devoured.