Sunday, November 21, 2010

Six-word stories

Here's an interesting movement launched recently: to identify what truly matters to you in exactly six words. The site is full of happy motivational phrases coined by contributors who also add a little background story to explain themselves.

I don't personally have an apt six-word motto to live by, or perhaps I'm too woolly-headed to quip an enlightening stock phrase for myself right now. This week, I only have one concern: "Treat animals right, you stupid humans!" If you've been following recent video links portraying acts of animal cruelty (which I will NOT perpetuate here), you'll know why I'm so bugged.

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elim said...

That sounds like a good motto ;) Once for this psychology module they made us watch videos of cats and dogs being boiled and skinned alive to gauge how affected we were by the video and how the video affected our subsquent responses to scenarios. I went to tell prof. haha! Not one of the MCQ choice to be sure!