Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A coffee, an e-book and thou

Sitting at a neighbourhood Starbucks takin' it easy with my Tab as an e-book reader. It feels a bit self-referential reading Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything". It's all about me, and you, but from a vast historical, scientific (in all its myriad branches), geological and cosmological perspective.

I'm like taking forever to get to the end, but it's a story that spans all of the beginning of time and the 4.5 plus billion years for life on Earth to get here, so I should be entitled to ooze my way through the chapters.

But this entry isn't a book review. Just an observation that having an e-book reader means having almost the entire library of materials published or otherwise shared by humanity compactly placed in my pocket. It's an idea I haven't stopped gushing over yet.

True, there are limits like access, though cheap, still costs money; and maximum memory storage is only(!) 32gb, but still that can contain a LOT of books already. But toting around a Tab for an e-reader also gives me access to other distractions, like what I'm doing now, as and when I want to vary my media indulgences.

Oh, and the other reason why I've gone with the Tab, NBS, is because it's a size that is pocket-portable enough and yet with screen real estate large enough for my ageing eyes to view text without having to keep scrolling all the time.


masterofboots said...

first you have to find a source of good ebooks. i still wish the kindle and amazon's resources are available to us.

Xmac said...

true. kobo on android is rather limited compared to its competitors. still, it has a decent enough collection.