Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meds taste bad

Poor Q-tip. She hates her meds. Have to pound her pills into powder, mix with water and syringe the horrible concoction into her mouth. So much spluttering and gagging, but we know it's all going into the right place. Mostly.

Also realized that it's not a good idea to get it all down too quickly. Thought that fast = minimizing the suffering. Wrong. The bubbles blowing out of her nose were not cute at all. It seems our administering a continuous flow of meds from the syringe prevented her from breathing properly and some of the liquid was going up her respiratory tract. Net effect was akin to waterboarding her with the very best of intentions.

Now have to take it slow and easy. Drip rather than squirt. But, really, the process is traumatic for both patient and administrator. After her ordeal, we give her a little pet cheese snack to make it go down better.

1 comment:

masterofboots said...

At least she isn't biting you. now we have to wear gloves to give PipSqueak her treatment because she has learnt to bite seriously hard!