Monday, December 06, 2010

Nex, please!

Trying out mobile blogging on my Tab. I'm now at Nex, the new mall that's just opened in the Serangoon heartland.

If ever we needed a place to hang out after work, this mall is a dream come true, and more! Don't be fooled by the entrance area. This mall starts out in narrow corridors but gets bigger as we go further in. It's designed almost like an inverted pyramid. The higher you go, the more shopping outlets become available.

Say goodbye to our cherished Cherish award! There're so many food options, from burgers to Japanese to, well, name any chain of popular food and it'll likely be represented here in one form or another. Cheap, expensive, multicultural, it's all here.

Lunch for me was a quarter pound Wendy's. The burger tasted as I remember, except in a proportion more suited to an American conception of Asian appetites. They don't understand us too well, do they? But what impressed was the speed at which the counter staff got to me depspite a long queue, and how attentive a table cleaner, Lisa, was. She noticed that I had not been issued any sugar or creamer for my tea. I said to "gimme some sugar, baby," and she readily obliged.

I can see this mall is going to be a great hangout for us staff and kids alike. Now, if only we could find the time when the new year begins.

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