Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sick as a dog

Q-tip is looking unsteady on her feet. Took her to the vet for x-rays, blood testing and eye testing. Vet suspects arthritis in her lower spine and some liver problems. Came back with an armful of meds for her. Let's see... painkillers and anti-inflammatories; liver supplements; eye ointment; a joint rub; oh, and a top up of heart meds for Mimi too.

Whole visit cost over $600 for everything. Guess we won't be giving anything to the kids at the orphanage this year.

Trying to make Q-tip eat all her meds with the least of trauma, that's when the fun begins.


masterofboots said...

That's stunningly expensive! My word!

elim said...

oh dear! Hope she gets well soon! and why does Mimi need heart medication?

Xmac said...

NBS & Elim: Q-tip is still unsure of foot, especially on low-friction surfaces, like our laminate and M-i-L's marble floors. Will take her to her regular vet after Christmas for a better diagnosis.

Elim: Mimi is an old girl with a weak heart. She's permanently on heart meds,