Saturday, January 08, 2011

Back on her feet

It's good to see Q-tip walking normally again. A couple of weeks ago, she developed a limp which deteriorated such that she could barely support her own weight on all four paws. But she's been responding well to her treatments and has regained almost full mobility and her appetite. While she can walk just fine, she is having difficulty with two particularly dog-specific activities: scratching behind her ear with her hind foot and shaking herself dry after a bath.

We will be maintaining her diet of Hill's Prescription Diet l/d while keeping her topped up with ursofalk (for liver support) and SAM-e (for arthritic pain and liver health). She's learned to lap up her daily dose of Ultimate Joint Care from a spoon, though sometimes we use it as a pretend "gravy" to complement her dinner. Now to taper off her dosage of prednisolone (a painkilling steroid) and hope that she hasn't grown dependent on it.

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masterofboots said...

ah, the pain of parenting our pets. good to know she's better