Friday, January 14, 2011


Mankies = Married, no kids. That's us and a rising number of our compatriots who will not contribute to the gene pool, barring 'accident'. If you have to question why, just look at the people who ARE parents to see what parenting is like these days. Such people are absolute saints, taking pains to patiently wait in line all night to register their bawling newborn on a waiting list to enroll in a 'good' kindergarten.

People like me can only gape in disbelief at such melodramatic displays of parental self-sacrifice for their offspring. But if that is what it takes to be a parent these days, it is painfully apparent that I am patently not fit to be a parent; and neither are my more rational fellow Mankies. Good luck with that, people who are parents!


Elim said...

Did you come up with Mankies???! sounds very unflattering! I prefer DINK. Double income no kids. hahaha! Sounds better right!

masterofboots said...

well at least you are a good pet owner.

Xmac said...

@Elim: It wasn't me but Mrs Lee-Heah in a conversation we had. DINK assumes both spouses are earning an income, but I have a sneaky suspicion that the women want to be tai-tais at some point.

@NBS: pets are way easier and cheaper to maintain, hence the illusion.