Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Touchy subject

Maybe people in S'pore are stressed out because we don't touch each other in a healthy way? We get amazing reports of rather over-exuberant S'poreans who go overboard to the point of unwholesome physical contact: see Exhibit A and Exhibit B (just in today's papers, mind you); and frown on those who engage in more or less normal PDA, some reported in a more sensational way than others (perennial kaypohness from Stomp). Worst of all, few of us have much regard for the well-being of the non-human animals living among us.

Norine Dworkin-McDaniel (whose name sounds like a Ferelden Dwarf's) writing for CNN tells us that touching is a healthy way to de-stress and boost our immune systems. I agree, though I reserve the right to keep random strangers at least at arm's length. But for some reason, I do not have this reservation for random non-human animals. Needless to say, my own pets are slowly growing bald due to endless stroking behind the ears, under the chin and over the back. See how chirpy and smiley I am? D:

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