Saturday, February 26, 2011

The write stuff

I'm linking Martin Jaques' TED Talk on the rise of China not so much because of the content of his presentation, but rather to observe that the audience isn't busy scribbling notes trying to take it all down. At TED, we can listen to so many great minds speak about our times but we don't bother writing down what we're hearing?

What does that say about us and our egos when we insist that our kids write down everything we say in our piddly little lectures and tutorials, like as if we were spinning pure gold from our mouths?

Oh, if you want to listen to Jaques, go ahead. Interesting guy. Don't mind my ranting.

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Elim said...

My kids think I'm a distiller. I take in all the info ( from wherever!) and spew out clean sparkling info. Lol. hahahha