Saturday, March 05, 2011

Broadcasting 'live'

Sports Carny, and I'm stuck in the announcers' tent 'cos J2 NYeDC volunteered to be the announcers for the day. The job may sound like a cushy assignment compared to all the sweating, huffing and puffing of physical competition going on all around us, but in reality it's a frenzy of activity inside the tent too.

Apart from the many, varied and random announcements requested through the crackly walkie-talkie set; the odd staff in-charge or any other staff with some instruction or other; the students who have either found some item or lost one; and the 100 Plus vendor with the occasional reminder to keep hydrated and drink his *FREE* isotonic beverage; there had to be entertaining banter and interviews with random participants who happened to be passing within microphone range; and the lucky draw to run. Sometimes all at the same time. :p

Thankfully, the J2s this year are a strong bunch, ever hyper and willing to give their all. They took every demand in their stride, stayed cool and soldiered on through the day with unflagging spirits. Great job!

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