Friday, March 04, 2011

Results driven

What exactly constitutes a good result?  At today's release of 2010 'A' results, I had students bawling their eyes out. Gracie had achieved grades many others would have killed for, yet she felt she hadn't done well enough. Chiam exploded in tears 'cos (I found out later from an objective source) she did better than she'd expected.

What's 'good', I suppose, boils down to our results meeting and exceeding our own expectations in relation to what society sets up as standards of achievement. The latter being constant, the higher our expectations of ourselves the harder it becomes to be satisfied with our performance.

Was I happy, then, with my results? Because I felt my methods seriously needed vindication after last year's debacle, my expectations may have been higher than realistic... Ok, it is anomalous that I can be so concerned about results. After all, I keep espousing that the process is more important than the product, don't I? But this time I strongly believe in the process I'm developing, and so I expect to see the results.

Impartially speaking, what I got was a clear improvement from last year. But I don't exactly feel wildly ecstatic about that. I'd rate 2010 as a meh.

Teacher's remarks: Can still do better.

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