Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Once again, the torch of leadership passes on. 2011's Exco has given way to the newbies of 2012 who must now take the helm and chart their own way. With every batch, NYeDC has raised its accomplishments bar. But I truly take my hat off to 2011 for having the vision, the work ethic, the belief in the worth of their shared goals, and the -- yes -- administrative strength to pull of one of the most successful seasons we've had ever.

The newbies now, led by CJ, will have to step up a lot to fill the space their predecessors have left behind. Shammo and Co are a tough act to follow, but they have been an exceptional bunch which was able to capitalize on all their individual strengths and cover for each others' personal weaknesses. Hope the noobs will find their feet soon. We have a reputation to uphold thanks to our success at Drama Night last weekend. Let's see what 2012 can do to take us further on!

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