Friday, May 06, 2011

Time to choose

When it comes down to it -- and it HAS come down to it -- I only need the government for one thing: to just do for the common good whatever I, the individual, am unable to do for myself. All I want is a system that functions cleanly, efficiently and without bias to take care of the material wellbeing of society in general.

The arguments put forward during this round of election campaigning generally boil down to one key issue:  to have a government with a heart for the poor little individual person. Me. But by the criterion above, that's quite the antithesis of the reason why we need a government.

And anyway, I think that if we, the people, already have no heart for one another in the first place, then having the government take over that responsibility on our behalf isn't going to change diddly-squat for anyone.

I know who I'm voting for, and why. Do you?

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