Monday, May 30, 2011

Victim of the puppet-masters

I've been nursing a figurative sore head over what I perceived to be unnecessary intrusions of a certain committee into a certain project I've been supervising. Never before have I encountered such a bunch of controlling, narrow-minded, meddlesome worrywarts looking over my shoulder and telling me how I should run my own business. The level of trust that I once enjoyed from the previous management has now been replaced with a new batch of paranoiacs bent on oversight at every decision I make. It's intolerable!

That was a few days ago. Today, I've calmed down some. Having talked things through with my project members, I guess it's good that the committee did make their recommendations after all. A neutral third party saw some issues that were blind spots for me, being too close to the subject matter, and alerted me to potential hazards in my processes.

Fine. But I'm still going to greet them with a surly, pouty face whenever I see them. I won't give them the satisfaction.

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