Friday, June 03, 2011

Hello World! England 2011: Day 2

Official (and possibly mandatory) banner shot. To be used in our review presentation and other PR material.

A full breakfast of bacon and sausage and eggs with sides.

Think the kids are here on holiday? Not while there's learnin' to be done. Lake Districts National Park guide, Ben, gets the kids measuring footpath erosion to determine the extent of damage tourists like us are causing to the pristine landscape.

I should also mention that it's the hottest day of the year, according to Ben. Unshielded by cloud cover, the sun produces brilliant illumination that makes our surroundings look so picturesque, but we're melting. Burns and tan lines all-round! Nobody thought to bring sun-block. Duh.

On to the pretty little village of Grasmere to sample the local world-famous speciality, gingerbread. Also to view the Wordsworth family churchyard plot and just chill for a bit.

This shop was especially hospitable. The jolly proprietor gave our guide a whole bag full of Kendal mint cakes to share with us and the kids. He also went around with a large tray of jelly babies, and offered free samples to passers by.

Next stop, Rydel Mount, home of W Wordsworth for the rest of his life after upgrading from dove cottage. Who said poetry never amounted to much of a living?

A view of last night's youth hostel from the water. We're moving on to Bowness for dinner...

Dinner being a slice each of gammon, turkey and roast beef; with stuffing, Yorkshire pudding and all the veggies we wanted. The place? Crown Carveries in a row of shophouses called Lakeview.

Day 2 complete, on to the Travelodge, Burton and call it a night.

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