Saturday, June 04, 2011

Hello World! England 2011: Day 3

From Wordsworth country, we travel to Haworth, Bronte country. The day is clouded over and blustery cold, quite a contrast from yesterday. The weather is certainly evocative of the Gothic influences over the sisters' writing.

The Brontes' Parsonage, now a museum dedicated to the celebrated family.

Angela, our tour guide, swears by the fish and chips at this shop.

And now, so do we! Fish is lightly battered, not too oily. White meat with a firm bite. Chips are the kind to be eaten in quantity, the best kind.

Haworth is quite picturesque. The storefronts are still very traditional, though it isn't a real village anymore. The market clearly supports the tourist trade now.

A short stop at Haworth Station before proceeding to tonight's pit stop.

Day 3 concludes at Travelodge, Redditch. Dinner is at the attached pub. This here is a beef and white stilton stew. They really are feeding us well here.

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