Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Hello World! England 2011: Day 6

Buffet brekkie at the Travelodge. Bacon!!!

The kids attend a lesson on English linguistics at the British Library, conducted by Holly Gilbert.

 Picnic lunch on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral.

Lessons continue: we have a fantastic lesson on poetry with BBC's resident poet, Jacob Sam-La Rose. Sone simple games got the kids writing poetry they never knew they could create.

 I say 'simple', but his ability to fill the space with his personality was the fuel that got the kids motivated and push themselves beyond themselves.

In the end, the kids got to recite their own poetic compositions.

Kids were smitten with Mr Rose. He definitely has some new fans now.

Fusion pizza for dinner at Fire & Stone. This is my Athena: a Greek-inspired feta cheese and spinach combination; above is a Peking duck with hoy sin sauce thingy which was nice but I doubt I could eat the whole thing myself.

In Covent Garden getting the creeps and willies watching 'The Woman in Black'. Before curtain, understudy, Jeremy, came out to chat with us, which was nice.

Day 6 ends back at the Travelodge, London Ealing. Everybody goes straight to bed.

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