Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A mystery and a revelation

Who left a pool of blood in M-i-L's balcony? None of the human residents in the house claimed responsibility for it, so it had to be one of the two non-human residents: Mimi or Pebbles. Because neither of them could protest their innocence, May and I took them to be professionally examined by Doc Casey.

On examining the mopped up blood which we also brought with us in a plastic baggie, Casey could confirm that it was indeed blood, and not some similar-looking agent. But he found neither gaping wound nor internal trauma on either of our two pets. That amount of blood loss would have rendered Pebbles dead if it were hers, or something unusual would have shown up on Mimi's x-ray. In any case, both were behaving quite normally with no sign of pain or even discomfort, anyway.

So the mystery of the pool of blood as yet remains unsolved. ???

But because of Pebble's visit with Casey, we learned something new about her: he's a boy! Boy cat #3. Oh, dear!


elim said...

Maybe...your cats ate a bird!That's what happens when mine manage to grab a big lizard. and uh oh.. sounds like WW3 looms in the horizon...

Xmac said...

The only cat in the house was Pebbles. Aggressive as he is, he's still too tiny to take on anything that could bleed so much. Anyway, no feathers.

Lizard... there's a possibility!