Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pebbles, the yob

Turns out Pebbles is quite the soccer fan. The small, fast movements on screen during the long-shots held his attention much better than the close-ups; but other programmes on TV hold no fascination for him. If he is a soccer fan, though, he's more like a United yob, a.k.a. soccer hooligan. We hesitate to introduce him to other potential adopters because he's begun to show his true colours as a violent, attack-anything-that-moves psychopath. All claws and teeth, maybe he needs yet another name change -- how about "Sabertooth"? We're trying to train him out of his volatile tendencies: that is, make a loud noise (other than "ouch!") to startle him whenever he takes a chomp at our exposed extremities. Hope that will work, or else we'll spray him with a faceful of atomized water if things escalate. As a kitten, he's not causing us too much damage, but he needs to be better behaved before he gets any bigger. Bad boy!


masterofboots said...

I like the name Grimm better. More interesting. He is growing out of his chubby cuteness.

Xmac said...

Yeah, I like 'Grimm' too, but I got outvoted.