Tuesday, December 06, 2011

There's a Q-tip in the living room!

Something's up with Q-tip. Lately, she's been looking like a much perkier dog. She has been pottering about the house more, and seems not as stiff-jointed as before. Even more surprising, she is actually behaving more sociably -- instead of hiding in her room so much, she is now sitting with us in the living room, just out of reach but physically present. Last night, she even dared to bark at the stranger at the door, who turned out to be June coming home from work. I wonder if this new behaviour has anything to do with the daily dose of salmon oil, which is the only recent change in routine for her; or if she somehow senses the approach of Christmas and isn't taking any chances with Santa's Naughty-and-Nice list?


Elim said...

I vote salmon oil for the non-stiff-jointedness for Q-tip's pottering around more but I can't say for personality haha. Maybe she feels more confident if she can potter around freely? Also I got her this nifty little treat that I haven't seen b4 in Singapore...it's called a pill-pocket! Stuff the treat into the pill--oops I mean stuff the pill into the treat--and feed it to the unsuspecting critter. Hope it works. :D

Gonna visit my friend's menagerie @ her village house now! Wish I had a large compound to keep big dogs and a dozen cats. :) see ya soon!

Min Seah said...

You got Q-tip a gift? Thanks so much! :)