Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project Crackdown

Ok, a delicate issue, so language will be a bit more circumspect than usual:

Head Office has identified certain unfair practices in the conduct of project appraisals. Some branch offices have been practicing unauthorized procedures to advantage themselves in the award of 'A' grade work, but in so doing have contravened the spirit of independent enterprise. Head Office has been clear in censuring such practices and hopes to level the playing field for all candidates once again.

I, for one, am appreciative of the stern action taken by Head Office. It proves to me that the higher ups really do have their heads screwed on straight. It's about time we put the emphasis back on quality rather than quantity.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The dragon's signature

Launch day for Dragon Age II! And look! I've got my paws on the Signature Edition. That's a fancy name for the Early Bird Special in which they pack into the game a few additional premiums at no cost, such as fancier armour, weapons and bonus other stuff as well.

... not that I'd necessarily find a use for every single tchotchke in the box, but it's the satisfaction of Having a bunch of additional toys to play with for free that thrills. Who knows? One or two may yet prove to be actually useful in aiding my hero's 'rise to power'. And even if I let them languish untouched in my inventory, that's my prerogative. So there.

But for now, said game lies pristine in its box. Currently too tired and too busy to start a new campaign in dragon-slaying. The pix is just for drooling over. Soon, soon...