Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spread the techno-virus

The industry seems ready to embark on a new phase of educational infocomm proliferation in our schools. The pilot phases are over and we're on the cusp of full implementation, judging by the ETD briefing this afternoon. Training is about to commence for edu-techie mentors to start developing lessons and lesson packages for use in class, as well as coach a couple of edu-techie newbies each. Geek Jedi can have two geek padawan (I don't believe this word has a plural "s"), according to the Geek council.

On one hand, the idea is to spread the techno-virus as far and wide as quickly as possible through all schools at all levels till we have a full-scale techno-pandemic. But on the other hand, and thankfully, the more important task is to ensure that good pedagogy is the bedrock underlying the spread. Good teachers first, tech-Jedi second, supposed to be we are.

Today's briefing laid down the expectations the industry expects of us, our roles and duties, as well as our submission deadlines and training activities for the year. It's a huge and unexpected new dish rolled out onto my already expansive buffet spread, but it gives me a chance to return to what I once excelled at: dovetailing what could amount to several discrete jobs into a single integrated, if multifaceted, thrust that will keep me occupied for the year.

The only thing annoying about our speakers today was that they kept their focus on convincing their audience to buy-in. They tried to inspire us with stories, assured us that failure is par for the course, drew attention to institutional and personal benefits, ad nauseum. I felt they were trying too hard preaching to the converted.

Now then... who can I find to be my padawan?

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